Meet The Crew

Laurie Abthorpe, Graphic Design

Laurie AbthorpeLaurie pours herself into her clients projects by using a winning combination of sleek and sophisticated graphic design, along with attention to detail that reveals her clients true identity and helps set them apart in today’s demanding market place. As a graduate of the School of Design and Visual Arts – Industrial Design at Georgian College in 1994, her dedication to design is evident and recognizable as it continually appears in some of Thunder Bay’s top campaigns. Her quality work is in constant demand by business professionals and high profile campaigns that seek only the best!

Shelley Jacobson, KillerCopy4U

Shelley Jacobson

Shelley brings over 30 years of writing experience to her successful and sought after copywriting business “KillerCopy4U” and jingle production company “Right Track.” She has an impressive client list with roots in New York, Nashville and Los Angeles.

Shelley’s outstanding talent helped the creative team at the Fox Network in Los Angeles expand their female demographic by creating some of their best and highest ranking cartoons and video scripts.

Shelley delivers fresh ideas and is often the first choice for businesses looking for powerful messages that will set their business apart from the rest.

Leanne Mitton, Norlink

Leanne MittonLeanne brings more than 15 years of solid web design and hosting experience to the team. She has a proven track record in Thunder Bay as being an accomplished owner of Norlink – Innovative Web  Solutions.

Leanne is no stranger to custom web design that is original, innovative and affordable. Her web creations not only look amazing, she’s a proven expert at adhering to the highest web standards making sure that your web site also performs well and is compatible on various platforms.

She takes pride in supplying hassle free hosting solutions that are affordable and obtainable to business owners big and small.